Welcome to DensityMeterRepair.com

With over 12 years of experience as service engineers, and many repairs done we offer you a pssibility to fully renew and repair your classic DMA 4100, DMA 4500 and DMA 5000 density meters which are not supported by manufacturer anymore. We will fix every error like "critical error 9954" and every another problem with your instrument.

Critical Error 9954 and others

9954 and 9951 critical errors

This malfunction type is most common. It can happen regarless intrument age, enviromental conditions, operating procedures etc. You may get some other error codes, like temperature sensor errors 8931, 8941. Almost all codes are 4-digit, but sometimes 3-digit cades also appear (i.e. 519).

Black / white screen - no boot up

DCC Mainboard malfunction

If your density meter powers on with black screen (usually with one flashing white line) or white screen and doesn't boot up, you experience main board problem which, of course, can be fixed !

Other malfunctions

Don't worry, every problem is possible to fix!!

Includes temperature or density unstability problems, lack of density cell illumination, air pump malfunction, black lines on display, etc.

DSA48/DMA58 repairs

We also repair old DMA48/DMA58 density meters and DSA48 - Beer Analyzer

Users love their old DMA48/DMA58 density meters and DSA48 - Beer Analyzer, for its reliability, robust design, and fast operation. If you want to get these devices back to work , please contact us!

Please contact us at: biuro@labdens.pl